Congratulations on the successful application of our company for the technology innovation fund project for technology-based SMEs of the Ministry of Science and Technology

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Warmly congratulate our company on successfully applying for the technology innovation fund project for technology-based SMEs of the Ministry of Science and Technology

Project initiation code: 12C26211100187

Recently, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Interim Measures for the Administration of Technological Innovation Fund Projects for Small and Medium sized Technological Enterprises, our company's "multi-layer fire-resistant mica tape" project was approved as a project of independent innovation products in 2010, and also received a research and development expense of 600000 yuan from the Ministry of Science and Technology's technological innovation fund for small and medium-sized technological enterprises.

One step of accumulation can lead to thousands of miles, and quantitative change can lead to qualitative change. The enhancement of scientific and technological strength and the improvement of innovation ability are like small steps and quantitative changes, making breakthroughs in imperceptible influence. It not only laid the foundation for the improvement of enterprise competitiveness, but also played a huge role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of industrial products and comprehensively enhancing China's scientific and technological innovation strength. The obtaining of the project approval certificate indicates that our fire-resistant mica tape products are at the advanced level in the industry. I would like to congratulate the members of the project team who have won the approval of the project, and hope that the project team can do a better job in the research and development of the project with a more rigorous scientific research attitude, make rational use of the project funds, and complete the scientific research tasks in the Project Statement on time and quality.

The successful application of the innovation fund certificate laid a foundation for our company to expand the market in the field of fire-resistant mica tape application system, and also greatly affirmed our product research and development work.