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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Shenzhen Yingtuokun Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is headquartered in Shenzhen. It is an internationally renowned supplier of electronic components. Focus on providing high-quality capacitors, resistors and inductors for electronic companies. The company sells products such as FH (Fenghua), YAGEO (Yugeo), MURATA (Murata), SAMSUNG (Samsung), TDK (Dongdian), HEC (Heshentang), YITK (own brand).

Series products include: own brand diodes (YITK), SMD wire wound inductors (YINTK, for the TWS earphone market), SMD capacitors, SMD high voltage capacitors, SMD precision resistors, SMD inductors, SMD tantalum capacitors, SMD magnetic beads, Bluetooth antennas, filters and other electronic components.

Our product quality is absolutely guaranteed
1: Free brand: The company closely combines its leading advantages in device and process design, maintains close cooperation and cooperation with domestic first-class chip foundries, packaging and testing foundries, and strictly controls products Quality, to ensure the high quality and stable supply of self-owned brand secondary and tertiary pipe products.
2: Agency brand: Absolute original goods, thoughtful service, timely supply, first-hand supply. Price advantage. Long-term sufficient inventory, able to provide "one-stop" procurement supporting services according to customer production needs, after many years With hard work, it has become the first electronic component supplier for well-known customers in the industry. ,

Our products are widely used in: communication equipment, industrial control, home appliances, switching power supplies, UPS power supplies, automotive electronics, MP3, MP4, mobile phones, Bluetooth products, digital cameras, wireless phones, dictionaries, LED backlights, security monitoring, game consoles, Car, fingerprint machine, GPS navigation, DVD, audio, computer and peripheral equipment, handheld equipment.

The company's product positioning: performance and reliability are on par with imported brands and domestic big brands, application positioning is mid-to-high-end, cost-effective, and focus on brand, quality and reputation.

Company goal: to become one of the most valuable suppliers of chip resistors, capacitors and diodes in China.

The company is committed to providing customers with cost-effective products, efficient and timely delivery, professional technical support and other comprehensive services.

The company adheres to the service spirit of integrity, professionalism and sincerity, pursues the highest customer satisfaction with the most responsible attitude, and regards customers as eternal partners on the road of growth, and grows together with customers.