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Service Center

After-sales service

Quality Service Commitment

In order to establish a product quality and service supervision mechanism to ensure that customers are provided with excellent products and high-quality services, the company makes the following commitments to customers:

1. Requirements of the company's quality assurance system

Quality Policy: Quality is the eternal pursuit of "YT MICA";

 Providing customers with satisfactory products is the first mission of "YT MICA"

 Improving customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of "YT MICA"

Quality : comprehensive index of customer satisfaction > 90%

2. Manufacturing standards and quality assurance

The company's products are produced in strict accordance with national GB standards and international IEC standards, and can be produced according to national standards such as the United States, Germany, Britain, and Japan according to customer requirements.

1. Pre-sale:

⑴ Warmly receive calls, letters, and visits from customers, provide thoughtful service, answer technical questions raised by customers carefully, and assist in solving them.

⑵ When customers have requirements, they can send professional technicians to the factory to assist in surveying the cable laying environment. Our factory is willing to provide customers with various technical consultations and provide product technical information in time.

2. On sale:

During the production period of the product, our company can invite relevant technical personnel to the company for product acceptance and inspection, and at the same time, our company can also provide detailed information about the product. Including structure diagrams and working principles of various data and products. The main inspection work for the product is completed in the company. Previously, we could provide relevant inspection standards for customer approval.

3. After sales:

In order to cooperate with customers to further do a good job in after-sales maintenance and maintenance of products, our company promises:

⑴ All the performances of the products provided are in line with the relevant industry, national or international standards and the requirements of the specified standards for superior products

⑵ Before the product is shipped, our factory will notify the user and provide him with the inspection report and delivery note of this product

⑶ According to customer requirements, professional and technical personnel can be sent to give technical guidance and assistance free of charge.

⑷ When shipping, our factory uses cars, trains, etc. for transportation, and the supplier is responsible for the product not being damaged during transportation.

⑸ After the product arrives, if there is any discrepancy with the contract requirements during the customer acceptance process, the company will respond within 24 hours after receiving the customer's notice.

⑹ If the product quality problem is caused by our factory's manufacturing reasons and cannot be used any more, our factory is responsible for "guaranteed refund" and "guaranteed replacement" and compensates for the direct losses caused by it.

⑺ The company promises to do a good job in customer service. If the company needs to provide technical services, the company will provide free services within 24 hours after receiving the notice; if the product needs to be replaced, the company will organize production in time and provide it to customers at the most favorable price.